Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shameless 'PLUG'

After going to Aitui and getting confused with their new plug organization skills of fail - I bought an incompatable texture pack by mistake. $150 down the shitter. Nice.

With that I ventured into the world of mesh ears and found these little beauties! I will never fumble with texture hud upgrades again. /me hugs her new ear hud and 'sqeeeees'. Bish gonna plug these plugs.

All you need is the MANDALA STRECHED EARS to make you look more beautiful & fashionable. Casual or formal, at any occasions, they make you shine and look impressive. 100% originally made Mesh and Textures. Classy, Stylish, High-end fashion, MANDALA STRETCHED EARS have them all.
● 2 ear types (PLUG type and TUNNEL type)
● 5 hole sizes
● Adjustable skin color - Easy to control HUD
● 16 preset color textures for your skin
● 40 pierce-color textures
● 18 diamond color textures
● 88 tunnel color textures
● 210 plug color (pattern) textures
● HUD works with each ear to pick textures
● Full bright ON / OFF
● Glow effect
● Detailed Manual'7 language
● Alpha textures to cover SL default ears
>>>It is possible to change left and right arts independently!
Same patterns are included for both men and women. :D

Body Modification
Hair: *Coma* Varsity Hair - B&Ws
Eyes: pc eyes classic - berlin nights
Ears: Mandala stretched Ears Omimi
Piercing: Hebenon Vial: M:Against the Stream [Ink]*Mesh* 
Wound: :Little Pricks: Autopsy Chest Wound
Tattoo: Para Designs Invictus Tattoo

Top: Female-Tank_MESH- Fullprocess [BLK2.0 PROD]
Pants: ..:Perle:.. Suspender Jeans  ..:Zebra:.. 1
Boots: [Docs V2] 8 Hole - F - BLACK (Boot Polish - Pewter)

 ****MG - Necklace - Razor Dog Tags - Etched Flowers and Jewel
Watch : MIEL BFF TICKER bright
Nails: Sensations Nails

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