Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dirty Talk

I love to get dirty, fix cars, get my hands filthy. Often times I am faced with the decision to leave my scrap yard and venture out into the social world. Now... we all know how frak'in hard it is to dress a bish in 5 mins to hit up your besties DJ set, or go shopping with a friend. Most times outsiders wont get too close for fear they'll catch something horrid or a ripe wiff of some stink. For those times I want to balance in both worlds... I need to bridge the gap. Being a Wastelander isn't always easy ;).

Body Modification
Hair : Dura-Boy*31(Black)
Eyes: ID. Light Sensitive Eyes - Light Brown
Ears : AITUI - Stretched Ears - Human 1" (Type 2) xstr
Scar : Corvus : Cheek Scars
Piercings : Cobrahive - Ciel (edit)
Tattoo 1 : Custom Dermal Android System
Tattoo 2 : [Glue-Ink] Ink to Flesh tattoo

Jacket : chronokit* Fabre Jacket Black
Pants : chronokit*  Military Sarrouel Pants Black
 Boots : BC322 Work Boots Dr.Murders (Lower part only)

Necklace : T. Holotags
Rings : CPD:*: Love/Hate Knuckle Duster Rings
Watch : MIEL BFF TICKER bright - (boxed)

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