Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Wastelands : A different kind of Nuclear Family

DIE ANTWOORD has definately been to the Wastelands 'I FINK U FREEKY'

So it's been awhile... because I got lost here for months on end. This is the longest running Post Apocalyptic Sim on Second Life for a reason. Not only is the atmosphere absolutely stunning and would make you feel like the world had truly been demolished, but it's packed with a free gaming system and role players that take this shit for serious.

Let's see some documentation:

Object: Nail Gun
The Wasteland Hud allows you to search for salvage drops and create weapons, health kits, cures and food to sustain yourself through this game of survival.

A dedicated and creative Role Play community, Weekly Events such as Fight Night, Barrelhead Bazaar or Guerrilla Learning.

10 combined homesteads make up The Wastelands were you will be landing. Rummage through the Junkyard, Fish in the Cape of Ruin, Run wild and free in Ashvasta, Excavate Cormac, Visit the Statue of Liberty remains in Kronbelt, Travel to the ends of the earth in The Rot, See a drive-in movie in Burnt oak, Explore the North Yard, Play in Fort Stygian or Trade in the Great Fissure!

More Photos Please

This is only a small representation, merely highlights of the adventure that awaits! Become a scavenger, a ghoul, a mutant or just be a human. Combat your enemies, trade/sell salvage or make new creative friends. I've been here for over 4 months and I'm never going to get tired of this place... ever.

For more information. Click here.

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