Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun with Textures

One outfit - So many options
[Docs V2] 8 Hole - Female from GOS
[Gos] 8 Hole - Boot Polish - Bizarre
[Gos] 8 Hole - Boot Polish - White
[Gos] 8 Hole - Boot Polish - Red

[ JP ]:dsg. Struggle Pants / Cord Black / FEMALE
touch your belt and change the color of your bandana!

! NanoGunk::: Tank Shirt Pack []
NanaGunk: Sheer Tank Shirt
NanoGunk: Solid Tank Shirt
NanoGunk: Wet Tank Shirt

::Para Designs:: Mash Up Tattoo ~ Unisex
Black Light
Black Medium
Color Medium
Black Dark
*LIBERTA* - Stylish Earbuds
Watch D-J Platinum Womens   -RYCA-
Ring-Personalized 4letters Platinum   -RYCA-
Ring Three Finger Chain Silver     -RYCA-
Cobrahive - Ciel

Skin: the body co. Iris (03 Light) black
Hair: [BURLEY]_Richter_Blacks (Wear)
Eyes: ! NanoGunk: Eyes - GreenBrown - 101

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