Saturday, December 17, 2011

Different Strokes

I'm conducting a gender experiment to see how Flit is received throughout SL, I've come to the conclusion that it depends on the individual, of course. Who does she attract most and in what form? I am compiling this information from Female Only Sims primarily for comparison.

The Femme
Appeals to all, by far the most glances and attention. Does everyone love my inner diva? I think so. Really? In this day and age the barbie, the high maintenance girl still has the advantage and has other avi's almost drooling on themselves.

 Accepted in all clubs, without question, she never gets slack (even if you were a male in RL). One to definitely use to call out the males playing women avatars - they will hit on you, in hordes. Generates the most tips hands down.

The Andro
Meets the coolest, open-minded people. Seems to encourage the most conversation, my favourite avatar to play as she reflects my own gender politics. This is the middle ground, you're likely able to run around freely without people constantly trying to pixel-hump you.

Widely accepted - no hassles. Attracts both sexes leaning toward the girl on girl scene (I'm not complaining).
The Butch
Butchy girls in SL oddly get so much slack I hardly want to dress up totally adorable like this.
In all female Sims you're likely to get harassed when you land, forced to voice verify and wear a specific Boi tag to call you out.

Jealous gfs are your main avoidance - be sure not to flirt, joke or even look at someone else's girl. The coolest of the cool will befriend you, so don't toss her out just yet. Femme's will adore you, Butch on Butch doesn't seem to be an option.

The Boi
A huge % of the Queer female scene in SL actually play in Male avatars. I thought this was interesting because these are not Transgendered individuals (necessarily) and the term Boi isn't a label for FTMs as it is in RL, but females playing Male avatars.

I will need to conduct a series of interviews to tackle this subject further as my male avatar is strictly used for advertisement purposes for my store and I've only taken hym out once... for good reason. Harassment.

Because this phenomenon is so outside of my realm I'd like to dig deeper...

This demographic, even as large as it is - is so discriminated against! What we don't understand is why? Is the lesbian community so threatened by a male presence that they would turn on their own? Are people so afraid to transition that they must act it out virtually?

Organizations like Oh Boi Magazine had started an awareness campaign in the summer of 2011, through magazine articles, contests at clubs, including the demand for all strictly female Sims to go 'co-ed' began. Creating the need for above mentioned voice verification in places like Lesbian Paradise, who until this campaign begun was adamant about NO MALE AVATARS period. Although your Male avatar is allowed here (after a grueling process) you are not necessarily accepted, in fact your most likely to be ignored by most, or made to feel slightly unwelcome. I've definitely noticed a tear in community following this awareness campaign.

My observation is that most 'females' in places like LP were predominantly Males playing Female avatars looking for some girl on girl fantasy action. What is this demographic called? We would study them, but fear of being found out pushes these individuals so far into the back of the closet that we may never know. To my knowledge MTF Transgendered are not welcome in most and have their own clubs.

The only Sanctuaries for Bois previously were places like Greek Gold Lesbian Resort and Two of a Kind Dyke bar (now unfortunately closed). These Boi accepting clubs still had the mandatory rule of voice verifying Male avatars. This divide created a competition between the two top female only sims in SL, Lesbian Paradise and GGLR. You were always forced to choose. I usually steered clear of both - as my Boi friends were not accepted to one, and I couldn't handle the drama of the other.

Why are not all avatars entering these Sims voice verified?
This would ensure authenticity of being an actual ALL FEMALE SIM and alleviate all discrimination, and let us rest assured that we were all in 'good company'. Frankly the LGTB community in SL makes me sick. When you draw a line in the sand you leave us all standing outside.

Where is the love? Why is there such a strong divide in Secondlife? Is there a need for a inclusive environment where all queer natured people are welcome?

Does it exist? Can I come play?

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