Tuesday, October 11, 2011


After finding ourselves in a post apocalyptic maze featured by the Suicide Girls group, I decided it was about time to suit up and get down with some glocks. Violence isn't 'usually' our game... but when the living dead pop out from every nook and cranny ~ it's good to be prepared... I have a super hot girlfriend to protect ...plus, they're already dead.

During an inevitable Zombpocolypse bullets will quickly run out and we'll all need a Plan B. That's why it's always good to have a nice edged weapon on hand. Page 33 of The Zombie Survival Guide Complete Protection from the living dead by Max Brooks has a whole section on Edged Weapons, following Bludgeons in the Close Combat section. 

2. Edged Weapons
Blades, in any form, have advantages and disadvantages over bludgeons. Those that have enough strength to split the skull rarely stand up after many repetitions. For this reason, slicing, particularly decapitation, serves almost the same function as a head blow. (Note: The severed head of a zombie is still able to bite and must be regarded as a threat.) 

I'll have to check the Marketplace for a nice crowbar.... ooooooo I found one right away! Now I can help this poor sap....

The best bludgeon is a steel crowbar. Its relatively lightweight and durable construction makes it ideal for prolonged close combat. Its curved, semi-sharpened edge also allows for a stabbing motion through the eye socket, directly into the brain case. More than one survivor has reported killing zombies in this manner. Another benefit of the crowbar is that it may be necessary to pry open a door, shift a heavy object, or perform other tasks for which it was originally designed.

... just go out and get the book (in RL), it could very well save your life. I am so adamant about it, I made it an accessory for the virtual folk ~ carry it around, or put it on your night stand. <3 sweet dreams.
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