Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Neko Suave

+BOUNCE+ Furry Skins Mainstore

Model : Elmo Zeplin

+BOUNCE+ Furry Skins -Neko Black + whiskers
[Plastik] bloodless-calm (hunt gift)
>Truth< Jess- crow
*ASrock* stance jeans
((RIPE)) Ganja luv'in (hunt gift)
<- PoM -> Medusa Plug
ivy. piercing Keira II
***Pink lady*** extra bushy ears
Kani black (feet only)
Cattire- Neko tail
[AcideI] Enlace moi-Forearm-blanc-r (hunt gift)
{SC} Female- Rya's Belt in Midnight & Spice + Eavan's bracelet in brown
URCo.>Billabong Bikini Top1

Model : Flit Ulrik

+BOUNCE+ Furry Skins, tail & ears -Leopard Brown
*Drot* The Jason- Smoke
~*By Snow*~ Cat Eyes
FuK'N'HawT Hangy Camisole - Black Tank girl
*ASrock* black attack gold
-=((Guu))=-iDark Gen Furry Boots V1.5
.:-CatniP-:. Inked ~ Tattoo belt

+BOUNCE+ Furry Skins, tail & ears -Fox Red
*Special thanks to Creator Aerandir Allen for this one*

(AG) Bitten Lipstain - that's berry daring
booN OSY705 hair black
Catnip : Regret necklace
Catnip : Hippy shoulder bag
Grasp : Loose style Cami/plain

Model : Minx Acer

+BOUNCE+ Furry Skins, tail & ears -Zebra Turquoise

Model : Raine Overland

+BOUNCE+ Furry Skins, tail & ears -Pink Neko

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  1. You know what I enjoy most about some of your posts? Most of your work shows creatively through your awesome picture taking/enhancing skills!

    Sometimes, a lengthy description takes a from what the picture has to offer (and sometimes, mostly other people, require that description!)